Electric Utilities Installation

New Electric Construction Installation new jersey
New Electric Construction Installation
Electric Utilities Installation

Most establishments have underground utilities, with electricity and data counting. Electrical utilities are usually taken care of from the top. During repairs, electrical utilities can be moved from an upper level to an underground level to curb climate damage.

Residential Utilities

Underground wiring is a useful technology, as we can help you operate underground wiring successfully and safely in a humid climate. A portion of our services are:

1. Utility areas (first ready)
2. Trenching and refilling
3. Concrete cushions and posts
4. Conduit runs
5. Wiring
6. Exterior GFI Outlets
7. Patio Speakers and Theme Lighting
8. Garden and Patio Lighting
9. Outdoor Security Lighting
10. Architectural Uplighting

Commercial Utilities

We configure, insert, repair or redesign electrical assistance for your structure. We specialize in inserting and fitting transformers, switchboards, electrical panels, circuit breakers, underground PVC pipe banks, rigid metallic and fiberglass pipes, underground electric vaults and sewer manholes with amazing facilities.

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Our electrical repair and service options are proudly offered to clients. Give us a call today to schedule a free service estimate!